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Velachery Packers and Movers Chennai

Looking to relocate from one place to another but feeling overwhelmed with managing all your belongings by yourself? Don't worry. With Velachery Packers and Movers Chennai, you can make your move stress-free and convenient.

When selecting a packing and moving company, it is essential to consider several aspects, such as the quality of amenities, trustworthiness, well-timed delivery, and fees charged. At Velachery Packers and Movers Chennai, we pride ourselves on having all these qualities. We provide top-notch facilities and employ skilled staff to ensure your belongings are handled carefully. Our use of high-quality packing materials guarantees that your possessions remain intact during the move. Additionally, we offer insurance to provide peace of mind in case of any loss, theft, or damage to your belongings. Our contract clearly outlines the fees and punctual delivery of your possessions.

With Velachery Packers and Movers Chennai, we take care of your packing needs and provide specially designed vans to accommodate your furniture, cabinets, and other belongings. Additionally, we also offer cargo services for interstate and international moves. Our diligent and experienced staff ensures that high-quality services are delivered to our clients, which helps build a strong relationship between us. We use different packing materials for different items, depending on their fragility, to ensure safe and secure transportation.

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In addition to packing and moving, we at Velachery Packers and Mover Chennai, offer short-term and long-term storage options for your belongings. Our storage services give you freedom and flexibility in stowing and moving your possessions whenever desired. Our commitment to customer satisfaction also includes unpacking and placing your belongings in your new home, leaving you nothing to worry about. We take special care in ensuring that our clients are constantly updated with our progress and are informed regarding the destination area to ensure a hassle-free experience.

We extend our services not only for residential moves but also to organisations and educational institutes. We understand that your belongings are of utmost importance to you; hence we take exceptional measures to ensure they arrive at their destination safely and within the specified time frame. With Velachery Packers and Movers Chennai, you can be confident that your move will be executed most efficiently and reliably, ensuring complete peace of mind!

At Velachery Packers and Movers Chennai, we have branches in major cities across India and offer comprehensive solutions for all relocation needs. By selecting our services, you can trust that your relocation process will be made easier and simpler with our specialised team's assistance.

Velachery Packers and Movers Chennai Price List

Home Type 0-100 KM 100-500 KM 500-1000 KM 1000-2500 KM
Few Items 4500-9500 8500-16500 12000-18000 14000-25000
1BHK 6500-12500 14000-22500 20000-32000 26000-40000
2BHK 9500-17500 18000-27000 25000-38000 36000-55000
3BHK 12500-24500 24000-36000 35000-48000 48000-65000
Activa/Bike 2000-3500 3000-5000 4000-7500 5000-11500
Car 2500-5500 6000-14500 10000-22000 14000-35000

Velachery Packers Movers Outstanding Approach Call : +91-9444862280

Velachery Packers Movers Outstanding Approach Call : +91-9444862280

We pride ourselves on being a highly reputable packers and movers organisation in Chennai. Below are several key factors that set us apart and contribute to our distinguished reputation:

Experienced Comapny

Our team boasts a wealth of experience, with over 15 years of expertise in the packing and moving industry.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer feedback is highly valued, and our utmost priority is to deliver exceptional service to meet their expectations.

On Time Delivery

We prioritize commitment fulfilment and timely delivery of goods with utmost diligence. Always On Time Delivery

Our Quality

We prioritize the safety of your goods and utilize high-quality packing materials to ensure safe transit.

24X7 Support

Our customer support department operates around the clock to provide continuous assistance to our valued customers.

Our Team

Our team is available 24/7, every day of the year, allowing clients to contact us anytime to meet their relocation needs.

why choose

Why Choose Us ?

Velachery Packers and Movers, Chennai is a well-established, acclaimed packing and moving company. Our services can be conveniently accessed through online ordering or direct communication with our expert executives. With a comprehensive approach to packing and moving projects, we provide end-to-end solutions in Chennai. Our numerous satisfied customers attest to the quality of our services. We have also served a diverse array of corporate entities, encompassing a variety of sizes and structures, in our client base

Certified and licensed

The stringent policy of Velachery Packers and Movers, Chennai mandates an unwavering commitment to complete documentation without any compromise. Our company has, thus, secured all necessary permissions and certifications from relevant authorities, enabling its seamless operation.

Our business practices have been awarded certification, and we possess a valid license to conduct our operations. Our fleet of vehicles undergoes regular testing and verification by the concerned authorities, ensuring the provision of exceptional packing and moving solutions for our valued clients.

Written contracts and invoice

At Velachery Packers and Movers Chennai, we prioritize clear communication and honesty in our services with our clients. To ensure transparency and accountability, we provide written contracts that detail the terms and conditions and package information. Our customers can expect no deviation from the promised and actual services provided, evident through our invoices that provide clear and complete charge details. As reputable packers and movers in Velachery, Chennai, we uphold our commitment to quality and professionalism through our written agreements.

Insurance coverage available

Insurance coverage is essential to any comprehensive risk management plan, particularly in light of unpredictable future events. Velachery Packers and Movers offers a range of insurance policies designed to meet the needs of our clients. We specialize in customized solutions that best suit our client's unique requirements. We offer various options to explore the cost of different policies, allowing clients to access comprehensive coverage for their vehicles and other valuable assets. With the assistance of our team, we can mitigate the risk associated with moving and transport, ensuring the protection of our client's belongings throughout the process.

High class and tested packing material

The choice of the packing material is instrumental in safeguarding a wide array of goods during transportation. Velachery Packers and Movers, conscious of this fact, exclusively employ certified and rigorously tested packing material to ensure our customers receive their merchandise in impeccable condition.

Our team utilizes only the most trusted materials, which are repeatedly tested for their efficacy before being deployed to protect our clients' belongings. Our advanced, multi-layered packing provides a superior level of security against dust, dirt, and preventable breakage, resulting in excellent packaging and delivery of your goods.

Professionalism and work ethics

Our organisation emphasizes work ethics, recognizing that the customer is paramount. We hold our customers in high esteem, a fundamental reason for our success. Our workforce comprises extensively qualified individuals thoroughly trained in packing and moving. Before assignments, our employees undergo rigorous testing to evaluate their proficiency and expertise.

Our Services

Our company offers top-tier relocation services encompassing home and office moving, local shifting, bike transport, commercial relocation, factory moving, car carriers, warehousing, and transport insurance services.

packing and moving services

Packing & moving

For the past decade, we have consistently raised the bar in the packing and moving industry by providing pioneering moving solutions and fostering a welcoming work environment.

Loading and Unloading services

Loading & unloading

Our team of skilled workers expertly loads all goods into transportation vehicles, utilizing proper arrangement techniques to prevent any damage or loss during transit.

Home Relocation services

Home / Office Relocation

Velachery Packers and Movers offer extensive domestic and commercial relocation services, catering to the diverse needs of our clients, with a commitment to ensuring their objectives are met efficiently and effectively.

Car Transportation services

Car carriers Services

Our company offers secure and reliable vehicle transportation services from Chennai to destinations across India, utilizing our carrier vehicles, all at an affordable price, with door-to-door delivery.

Commercial Relocation services

Commercial Relocation

With our extensive experience in corporate moving, we understand the value of time and offer unparalleled office relocation solutions.

Warehouse services

Warehousing Services

Our facility offers professional short-term and long-term storage solutions in Chennai that cater to individual client needs at competitive prices.

Insurance services

Insurance Services

We offer comprehensive insurance services to alleviate any unwanted stress and mitigate unforeseeable risks associated with the relocation of goods.

Insurance services

Best packers and movers Chennai FAQ

Is employing a professional packing and moving company recommended when relocating to a new residence?

Professional moving companies, such as Velachery Packers and Movers Chennai, specialize in efficiently handling home or office relocations. Our expert packers and movers offer dedicated support to ensure your belongings are packed with utmost care using advanced techniques and tricks. You can trust us for a hassle-free and secure move. Our efficient packing and moving methods ensure the safe transportation of your belongings from one location to another. Our skilled packing team carries unique packing materials to provide excellent results. Rest assured that your relocation will be executed with the utmost professionalism and care with our packers and movers in Chennai Velachery.

How does our pricing for packing and moving services compare to others in the industry?

At Velachery Packers and Movers, many must understand that packing and moving services are costly. However, this is different. You can find highly reliable services within your budget, and this will help save you both money and effort.

We offer highly competitive pricing due to the cut-throat competition in the modern world. Our team of experts provides the best services at the most affordable pricing. We invite you to compare our services with other packers and movers in Velachery, Chennai, and make the perfect decision for your packing and moving needs. With Velachery Packers and Movers, you can rest assured that you will receive the best services at the best prices.

Is it possible to consolidate all my packing and moving needs with a single company?

Velachery Packers and Movers is your ultimate solution for all your packing and moving needs. Our end-to-end services provide a comprehensive service for house moving, office moving, vehicle moving, employee moving, and heavy machines and equipment moving. Moving can be demanding, so we strive to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our experienced staff is here to ensure that everything is handled, from the initial packing to the final unpacking. With us, you can know that all your packing and moving needs are handled. We at Velachery Packers and Movers are committed to providing the best service and aim to exceed your expectations. So, if you're looking for reliable and professional packers and movers in Velachery, Chennai, then look no further and contact Velachery Packers and Movers today

How can I avoid scammers packing and moving companies?

Velachery Packers and Movers are a trusted name in packing and moving services. We strive to provide excellent and reliable services to our customers. We at Velachery Packers and Movers understand the risk of fraudsters in this industry. Hence, we recommend taking all necessary precautions before hiring a packers and movers company.

We suggest verifying the background of the company before hiring it. Check the brand and its history. The company should not have a history of changing its name frequently. Ask for all necessary documents such as GST number, business license, certification, and so on. Visit the company's headquarters or office in person to ensure all details are correct. Take feedback from the company's previous clients and verify the details personally.

At Velachery Packers and Movers, we ensure our clients receive the best quality services. We guarantee that we are not a fraud and have all the necessary documents to run our business. We are trusted and reliable packers and movers in Velachery Chennai and offer top-notch services to our clients.

What benefits can one expect from hiring a professional packing and moving company?

Velachery Packers and Movers is a trusted and certified packing and moving company that provides reliable services with the utmost care. Our experienced team is equipped with the best packing materials to ensure your belongings are packed and moved safely. We are committed to delivering exceptional services within the given time frame, ensuring that all your requirements are met precisely. With our unique material and professional staff, you can be sure of hassle-free packing and moving services. We take pride in delivering quality services, and our experienced team is always available to help you with any queries. Choose Velachery Packers and Movers for safe and secure relocation and experience the difference.

What precautions can one take to avoid fraudulent moving and packing companies?

At Velachery Packers and Movers, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and ensuring our clients are safe from fraud. Although we cannot guarantee that fraud will never occur, we strongly suggest that customers take the necessary steps to ensure that they are hiring a reputable and reliable packing and moving company. Researching the company's history and looking for any signs of frequent name changes is essential to avoid negative feedback. Furthermore, customers should always verify documents such as the company's GST number, operating license, and certifications. Additionally, they should check the company's previous clients and verify their details personally. We understand that these steps may be time-consuming, but it is essential to ensure the safety of our customers. So, when looking for packers and movers in Velachery, Chennai, trust Velachery Packers and Movers!

How do you ensure the full utilization of services a professional packing and moving company provides?

If you are planning to move, it is best to list items you would like to move and pack them safely beforehand. This will help you reduce the costs associated with engaging the services of packers and movers in Velachery, Chennai. For security reasons, it is recommended that you move cash, ornaments, and essential documents on your own without any help. If you are not in a hurry, it is best to engage the services of Velachery Packers and Movers in the non-peak season, as discounts are offered during certain days of the year. This way, you can take advantage of the most favourable rates and ensure a smooth relocation.

What insurance options are provided by packing and moving companies?

Velachery Packers and Movers are perfect for efficient, secure, and reliable packing and moving services. Our company offers insurance policies so that our valued customers can be sure that their goods will be safe and secure during the transition. At Velachery Packers and Movers, we understand the importance of providing top-notch insurance solutions so our customers can rest assured that their items are in the best hands.

We offer a range of insurance options that cover both the transition and third-party risks. Our transition insurance covers the risk of accidental damage or loss of goods while they are transported to the destination. On the other hand, third-party insurance provides coverage in case of any damage or loss caused due to other people or entities.

We understand that every customer has a different requirement, so we provide a range of insurance options at competitive rates. We can help you find the right insurance plan that best suits your needs. Additionally, the rates of our insurance policies are available online so that you can compare and choose the best option.

What safety measures do Velachery Packers and Movers take?

Velachery Packers and Movers take high standards of safety and security measures to ensure that the goods of their customers are safe and secure during the moving process. The company uses high-quality packing materials like bubble wraps and cartons to pack the goods and ensures that they are labelled properly. The staff at Velachery Packers and Movers also takes extra measures to protect fragile items and safely transport them to the customer’s destination. In addition, the company also provides insurance coverage for goods in transit to ensure the safety of the customer’s belongings.

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